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Large Screen iPhone To Be Launched in 2014

Large Screen Android smartphones are really popular , these smartphones are becoming popular among many people. There’s a good news for all iPhone lovers you will be glad to know that Apple is planning to launch a large screen iPhone. As per news Apple will be launching a large screen iPhone in order to compete with Android smartphones.

Macotakara announced that a 4.5 inch iPhone will be launched in the year 2014, that means iPhone lover will be able to purchase a large screen iPhone in the next year i.e 2014. For your information presently an iPhone features a 4-inch display screen. Also it is said that the thickness of the new iPhone will be more in comparison to the current generation iPhone.

As per Macotakara , the company will be using new material in developing 4.5 inch iPhone. Further that material is said to be polycarbonate. The same material has already been used in the manufacture of MacBook. And hence that’s the reason behind the thickness of the upcoming large screen iPhone.


According to the news there will not be much difference between the available current generation iPhone and the upcoming Larger Screen iPhone. According to the Macotakara, Apple will also use dual LED flash in the development of the next generation large screen iPhone.

The dual LED flash feature will improve the photography. In terms of speaker Apple might use the stereo speaker in the development of the upcoming large screen iPhone, moreover Apple has already used it in an iPad mini.

So what do you think how much does this coming large Screen iPhone will cost? You may be thinking since it will be packed with a 4.5 inch Display Screen so will be priced High? It isn’t that here is the most amazing news about this larger screen iPhone.

The large Screen iPhone will be available at a low price as compared to the iPhone 5. so it’s an another interesting news for an iPhone lover who have been waiting for the low-cost iPhone. if you were , then you must be glad to know that the coming larger screen iPhone will be costing less than $ 400.

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In this matter Macotakara has claimed that the Apple will be selling the next generation 4.5 inch iPhone at a price of just $ 330. There is still no news from the Apple itself regarding a launching date. For more information you should stay connected with us. We will update you as soon as we find something new about the large Screen iPhone.

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