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D-day movie Star & Crew

The D-Day movie star crew comprises of the following such as, the release date of the movie is going to be on 19th july ,2013 and also the genre of the movie is a thriller oriented one, and its language is of hindi which means a complete bollywood movie, director of this movie is nikhil advani, and producer of this movie comprises of two persons monisha advani and rangachari.

The movie is the first handed account of the incredible mission that is undertaken by the indian secret agents. let us write a few line for you , if you are so curious then here’s the story of the D-Day in Short. must check D-Day Wallpapers which will be pasted here soon.

D-day Story , Stars , Wallpapers

story : a 9 years ago wali khan(irrfan khan) was sent to karachi,pakistan, by the chief of raw ashwini rao(naseer) to report the activities of the most wanted men in india. 9 days after that rudra pratap singh(arjun rampal) indian armed forces,marcos unit,zoya rehman(hurna qureshi) raw explosives experts and also aslam (akash dhaiya) a petty theif from the streets of mumbai, which have been recruited by R&AW inflitrated pakistan to join wali khan and carry out the mission to bring back the most wanted man to india again,the man who was going to break all the isi protocols and security and attend his own son’s wedding, the man who could be caught on that same day and also brought back to india to face the justice,1 day ago everything went on the same way

d-day stars

D-Day Film Photo

as according to the plan until it all failed suddenly , so the team sent in to bring the most wanted man in india did the unthinkable thing, so they carried out the one of the most daring operation and also almost got away with it because something went on so horrible wrong that was a Suspense which is needed to be watched in the theatres as it’s the most upcoming movie so sooner and some also says it’s a comedy oriented so let’s hope it smash the theatres with a hit sound.

D-Day Releasing Date , Song Lyrics

The film be on the screen on 19th july of this year and if you want to listen the song then you must check out next post , for D-Day song lyrics we will redirect you to the different site.

D-Day song lyrics has already been published on the net , we have even publish the D-day song’s lyrics here, hope you haven’t missed the post. D-Day would be cool movie , it will be out on the threater on 19th of july 2013.

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