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Lootera Movie Review (2013)

 lootera movie review, lootera mp3 song lyrics 

So looks like you are ready to watch next Bollywood film lootera! Lootera movie star crew are the director vikramaditya and the main lead role actor ranveer singh ,and the actress sonakshi sinha, and other star crew also there in this film which gonna be discussed below in detail. looteras volatile versity story is not like the movies of love stories present generation its unlikely a different one which we haven’t seen before.the movie is a raw one and can’t be predicted and also the same way it is intensely a heart wrenching one.

As the vikramadityas great concern on this tale of deceit betrayal and honour takes us to the deeply emotional journey.as of the directors long narrating of the romance part is aptly textured by the cinematographer mahendra shetty, whos frames are every pressionn and emotion in such strokes which the story demands for it.

shettys efforts of the cinematography are apt guided by kazvin dangor and dhara jains spectacular sets,and the thing we had to talk about here is the costumes which aptly resembles of the 50’s and from the rustic bikes to the delicate crockery ,to the laced curtains to the radio sets ,each and everything has to be written on a pen and paper .

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for the audience who got bored of the movies indulging the romances that often involves heavy duty conflicts and also over objecting the parents, classist quarrels or evil-men and also ending in an extravagont song and dancing routines like shaking booties ,motwanes lootera is a revalution which opens the audience eyes from those movies.

as the sets were from the 1950s when india was breaking free the other country there arose a love between these thats called lootera.

lootera box office

Lootera Film Bollywood review 2013

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This movie is one of the most indulgative capture of the love in all aspects of it and also a anurag khashayp and also bhavan nair wrote some of the nice lines which will capture the hidden true romance of this movie and the other thing is that the scene which needed an abrupt command is done in a silence mode,

Ranveer singh effortlessly manages to steal our hearts as soon as he enters the scene,while the roles of persons like adil hussain ,divya dutta, and arif zakkaria have allotted a limited screen place for their roles

film lootera review

Bollywood Film”Lootera”

but they still managed to leave an impression in the movie. it’s a remarkable movie of the motwans, managed to create a such super movie without trying too hard it’s a must watched movie needs a standing occasion for it . for lootera box office collection you will have to get back to this site. do check out lootera film songs lyrics in here. share the post with your friends and do let them know!

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