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Toshiba Excite Pure, Excite Pro And Excite Write

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Excite Pure specifications, Excite Pro specifications, Excite Write specifications : Recently Toshiba has announced three new Android tablets. The three android tablets sports 10.1 inch display screen. The tablets that has been launched by the Toshiba company are Excite Pure, Excite Pro and Excite Write. The Excite Pure, Excite Pro and Excite Write are priced at $299, $499, and $599, respectively. The company Toshiba is also offering an optional keyboard dock that supports all three of them. Also as per online sources toshiba Excite Pro and Excite Write are among the first tablets that is powered by Nvidia’s tegra 4 processor to enter the market.

You will find all 3 tablets look the same but each tablet has something specific to offer. Let us introduce all 3 of them one by one.

Toshiba Excite Tablets :-

Excite Pure

The Toshiba Excite Pure tab is available to purchase at $299 price tag , the table excite offers a pure Android experience sans the external skins. In terms of screen resolution Excite Pure tablet features a 1280×800 resolution display and you should note down that the Excite Pure tablet is powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. Thinking about the camera on this device? Well, the device Excite Pure

offer a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera but again the dissapointing news is there’s no rear camera on this device. Toshiba Excite Pure runs on the powerful Android 4.2.2 OS , it also offers 16GB of storage. User can even expand the storage on the tablet through a microSD card slot. You also get various connectivity with the device, excite pure device offers connectivity through Micro-HDMI and Micro-USB.

Toshiba Excite Pure

Key Specification of Toshiba Excite Pure Tablet :-

  • Display Screen: 10.1 inch display
  • 1280×800 resolution
  • Operating system:  Android 4.2.2 OS
  • Screen resolution: 1280×800 resolution display
  • Processor: Nvidia Tegra 3 processor
  • Camera: 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera
  • Excite Pure : You can Purchase Excite Pure tablet at $299

  Excite Pro  

Excite Pro tablet is the another device from the toshiba itself, it looks similar to the other two android tablets. You should note down that the Excite Pro is supposed to be a premium Android tablet. Excite Pro tablet runs on the Nvidia’s new Tegra 4 processor. It is powered by Android Jelly Bean. The device comes with a 10.1 inch display screen as same like other two tablets. It sports a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. In terms of camera , Excite Pro sports an 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.3-megapixel camera. Along with other cool features Excite Pro offer Micro-USB, and microSD ports ,Micro-HDMI. User should also note that the Toshiba Excite Pro also offer Harman Kardon speakers, further the device comes packed with a 32GB storage variant. Also this device is said to be competing with the recently launched ASUS Transformer Pad infinity tab that offers similar specs. But it has got a better set of looks.


Key Specs of Excite Pro tablet :-

  • Display Screen : 10.1 inch display screen
  • Screen resolution : 2560×1600
  • Camera: an 8-megapixel rear camera
  • Operating system : Android Jelly Bean
  • Processor: the Nvidia’s new Tegra 4 processor
  • Excite Pro Price : You can Purchase Excite Pro tablet at $499

Excite Write

The last one is that Excite Write android tablet from Toshiba which is similar to the above two tablets, got the same 10.1 inch display screen. You can say the Excite Write comes with the similar specs to the Excite Pro. As you can see the name of the device the device lets you write with the wacom digitizer that comes with the tablet. The Excite Write sports a 10.1 inch display screen, you should note that the writing abilities of this tablet make it a competitor to the samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. but you must be knowing Galaxy Note series comes with a software that support some good function like S-Pen function. The tablet Excite write might not turn out to be so Good. User should note that the Excite write toshiba tablet comes with only one app to make full use of the stylus. Another thing that should be noted in this tablet is that there is no slot for the stylus in the Excite Write tablet. Toshiba’s own TruNote note-taking app.

Toshiba Excite write

Technical Specs of Excite Write : –

  • Display Screen : 10.1 inch display screen
  • TruNote note-taking app
  • Processor: the Nvidia’s new Tegra 4 processor
  • Excite Write Price : Excite Write tablet is available to purchase at $599

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